BVE, London is the largest broadcast, production and media tech exhibition in the UK that attracts over 12,000 professionals every year to explore the future of content creation, commercial innovation, and cutting-edge technologies.

One of the most far-reaching topics highlighted at the event was the challenge faced by content producers and owners, globally, in processing and delivering huge amounts of content to a growing number of users across platforms. While some believe that this is limited to just general entertainment, this applies across the industry through to news and sports also leading to delay in leveraging new-age revenue generation models.

AthenasOwl marked its presence at BVE 2019 by showcasing its services and creating awareness about various AI solutions that can help the media industry overcome their content archive challenges and automate cumbersome processes. 

Read more on what AthenasOwl Co-Founder, Vivek Khemani had to say on how AI is transforming the football industry with smart video solutions. Some highlights from the session: 

AthenasOwl created FIFA Brand Rankings and related analysis that showed that Adidas was the most visible brand through the tournament with 11 hours of exposure and Coca-Cola garnered maximum visibility when goals were scored and during tackles, injuries, and dribbles Check out the whole infographic here

  • Today, it is possible to transition an entire content archive to make various elements within any given video completely searchable and discoverable.
  • Converting video micro-moments into data points is also easy with AI, while enabling deep search across elements like people, emotions, locations, camera angles etc. in every frame of the video. 
  • Brand sponsors can use platforms to better understand & analyze their visibility and advertising ROI at live sporting events. 

Vivek concluded the session with this final thought—“As AI-embedded solutions are becoming mainstream and diverse, clients can monetize a larger footprint of their content with leveled costs across different geographies.”

AthenasOwl is an AI-powered software suite that delivers content intelligence for production studios, broadcasters, sports leagues, and brands. Some of its offerings are: 

  • Smart Catalog for TV Shows

Using custom-trained models, AthenasOwl allows broadcasters to organize, search, and analyze hours of video content from massive content libraries using granular smart content meta tags.

  • Smart Catalog for Football

AthenasOwl allows football leagues, sports broadcasters, sports tech companies and football clubs in automating time-consuming tasks, accurately tagging content, instantaneously creating content from archived content and thereby improving team efficiency without any extra cost.

  • Automated Post-Production

Content owners can save several man-hours of post-production using AthenasOwl’s automation tools. The platform helps in simplifying compliance, generating the most exciting moments in football and TV shows and aligning sounds in sync with video footages for re-usability.