Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionised video content over the last decade. The increased efficiency and productivity enabled through AI has transformed how we play, watch and predict sports; this is especially important as video is the primary mode of consumption of sports entertainment and one of the most critical components of sports revenue. Take for instance the 2018 FIFA World Cup where video-assist refereeing, automated video highlights, smart ticketing, fine-grained control of cameras and more was used via the help of cutting-edge technologies.

With access to millions of hours of video, it is a cumbersome process for production teams to retrieve relevant content manually. The process is also time-consuming, expensive, often biased and subjective, untagged and inaccurate. Even if you were to add tags to your videos, this would mean re-tagging all your content from the beginning—a waste of time, resources, and the potential for new monetisation opportunities.

Using custom-trained models, AthenasOwl allows you to search for specific moments among millions of hours of football match content. As you upload your videos to AthenasOwl, the AI reads raw content, creates meta-tags for all moments, analyses audio and video for accuracy, and delivers curated content.

During live football matches, AthenasOwl detects players’ faces and emotions, measures the visibility of brand sponsor logos, identifies highlight-worthy moments, recognises objects such as yellow cards and goalposts, and helps in detecting camera angles for close-ups, crowd shots and aerial views. With consistent content tagging and cataloguing, you can also find moments from any historical matches, allowing you to create engaging content in real-time.

The user-friendly interface of AthenasOwl helps improve fan engagement and automates time-consuming tasks. Through micro-moment searches within large content libraries, your research and marketing teams can create auto highlights instantaneously, including personalised highlights focusing on specific teams, players and camera angles. Did Ronaldo look upset after he missed the free-kick? How many times did Messi appear on the screen during the match? What match did Neymar celebrate near the dugout? AthenasOwl can tell you all this and more.

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