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Delivering a Richer Experience to Football Fans Through AI-Driven Media Management
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One of the largest European-based producers of live sports worldwide, the company is responsible for looking over the entire content value chain across the globe right from production to delivery of football content.


Today, when fans have digital as the medium of choice at their fingertips, they would like to know and understand everything about their favourite sport and teams.  Fan engagement is no longer restricted to watching the match live. Keeping this in mind, our customer wanted to make full use of all available engagement opportunities to drive a true relationship between themselves and their audience.

Since the client has lean editorial and data teams, they were looking for a solution that could enable the automation of manual editing tasks and generate editorial metadata for thousands of hours of football match content. Likewise, they were also looking for a way to streamline existing workflows while helping teams automate monotonous tasks.

Since its archives remain a central content repository for cross-media products and are usually made available to all their media partners, the key objectives for the client were to find an efficient way to categorize over 20 years’ worth of archived sports media content and ensure fast and accurate search results.

In its previous set up, trying to manually look for specific scenes such as goals, highpoints and key moments (say, detecting a red card) from a huge archive of untagged videos was quite a challenging task.

AthenasOwl Solution

AthenasOwl’s AI-powered Smart Catalog helped the content operations team automate various manual and time-consuming editing tasks related to post-production.

The precision, speed, and volume of metadata generated with an AI-based solution not only enabled more powerful search and discovery of the content, but also allowed the client to create instantaneous content in a bespoke way.

  • Quick and accurate video indexing 

With custom ID and meta-tagging, the post-production team can now track elements as specific as players’ faces, the ball, club logos, and sport-specific field locations in live and historical football matches. Thanks to the granularity of meta-tags, the client’s archived content became more discoverable, making the videos more actionable.

  • Easy content repackaging

Using AI-driven media workflows, production teams could now generate highlight-worthy moments from a football match and unify them in a single clip that could then be shared via broadcast, OTT or, other social media channels.

  • Driving better ROI

By improving the search and discoverability with its AI-driven post-production workflows, the client was able to achieve greater control of both archived content as well as newly ingested match content. Instead of teams spending hours trying to identify the right content, they can focus on editing content that’s already available. This saves time and creates more engaging content for their audience.

Business Impact

An AI-assisted solution like AthenasOwl’s Smart Catalog empowered the client to generate granular metatags for over 100,000 hours of sports content for one of the biggest European football leagues. This, in turn, helped the teams make data-driven decisions, find new sources of revenue and business opportunities, and deliver richer fan experiences worldwide.


With a smart archive, the client could easily do the following:

  • Conduct quick and powerful search and discovery of specific moments within the media archive
  • Boost operational efficiency by reducing manual editing and tagging tasks
  • Unlock latent monetization potential with new-age advertising like contextual ad placements
  • Remonetize old content assets by repacking assets for various digital channels

A European sports broadcasting major responsible for production and distribution of match content for a major football league in Europe.

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