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Accelerate Global Distribution with Intelligent, Automated Workflows

Identify scenes with overlaid text for faster content localization required for international distribution


Faster Content Localization

Enable automation of post-production QC processes in post-production and accelerate international distribution.


Increased time for creativity

Free up employee bandwidth for creative tasks by eliminating manual & redundant editing tasks.

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AI Workflows

Auto-identification and edit textless elements from video to create localized versions.


Textless Elements

Identify shots with overlaid text & subtitles in a video and map those to their corresponding textless counterparts. These are commonly present after the end credits in a video asset.


Auto-anomaly Identification

Auto -identify in-scene text from the overlaid text


Auto-Similarity detection and editing

Auto edit after comparing similar frames with and without overlaid text

Explore the Technology Features

Shot Transition Detection

Automated detection of transitions between shots in digital video for temporal segmentation.

Video Similarity Detection

Automated detection and mapping of similar shots across multiple digital videos with the purpose of aligning assets

Texted Elements Detection

Detection of informational text overlays in digital video automatically, enabling International Distribution

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