IBC 2019: Leading the Future of Broadcasting with AI-Powered Smart Solutions

AthenasOwl’s exhibit at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2019 was bigger and better than ever before. The event was remarkable as it focused on the latest and greatest media technology and opportunities of broadcast executives in the ever-changing industry. With over 55,000 attendees, from across the globe,  the show proved to be an excellent platform for AthenasOwl to showcase its AI-enabled smart suite of solutions for the media industry. 

Content was the driving force at this year’s show as the audience focused on technology that helps find new and innovative ways to enable immersive experiences across multiple platforms while managing and delivering content seamlessly.

A key highlight at IBC 2019 was the session ‘AI-Enabled Smart Systems: Propelling the Media Industry into the Future’ conducted by AthenasOwl’s co-founder Vivek Khemani. During the session he said, “The biggest reason for the success of AI adoption is that broadcasters and technology providers like AthenasOwl are coming together to create transformative solutions with technology and humans working in conjunction. By collaborating with key players in the industry, AthenasOwl has maintained itself as a solution that is designed for the media industry.”

With its customer-first philosophy and disciplined roadmap, AthenasOwl is creating and delivering next-gen solutions by continually bridging the gap between research, technology, and media companies to fulfill the dream of responsible disruption.

With a deep understanding of TV broadcasters in sports and entertainment domains, AthenasOwl, as a visionary software 2.0 provider, offers custom solutions an AI-powered Smart Media Suite for content owners. The Smart Media Suite helps organizations transform business processes to impact content, workflows, and audiences. With an integrated cloud-based platform, it enables its customers with horizontal and vertical scaling. 

“The biggest reason why AI adoption will succeed is because broadcasters and technology providers like AthenasOwl are coming together with the understanding that technology and humans have to work in conjunction to create transformative solutions.”

– Vivek Khemani, Co-founder, AthenasOwl

At IBC 2019, AthenasOwl  demonstrated how AI can solve traditional challenges around content production, management, and delivery with solutions like:

  • Smart Catalog to enable deep search in large unexplored media archives

Smart Catalog can turn old content archives into assets of great value in the most cost-effective manner. By meeting the growing demands of the sports industry, these custom solutions are designed specifically for football and entertainment content. When post-production teams upload videos, the solution reads raw content, creates granular metatags for all moments, analyzes audio and video for accuracy, and delivers curated content. The teams can search and retrieve specific moments from massive content archives that have millions of hours of football content. This enables broadcasters to turn the video archives into revenue as well as reduce the total cost of ownership

  • Smart Workflows to automate manual repetitive post-production workflows

As an AI-assisted end-to-end automation solution, Smart Workflows enables content transformation and streamlined QC processes in the media supply chain. With increased operational efficiency of up to 80%, the solution facilitates faster speed-to-market and accelerates readiness for OTT and international distribution.

  • Smart Analytics to enable data-driven decisions

With an AI-powered Smart Archive, there is a massive opportunity for media companies to monetize their assets through TV show analysis, fan engagement, identifying new sponsorship opportunities, and tracking brand sponsorships. Use cases like these can help media companies make better-informed decisions on advertising budgets and increase the ROI on brand spends. 

Production studios, broadcasters, sports leagues, and brands use AthenasOwl’s context-adapted technology to:

  1. Redesign content
  2. Take better targeting decisions
  3. Automate hours of post-production work
  4. Monetize massive content libraries
  5. And more


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