My Content My Way

In today’s digital era, publishers and content creators are battling to claim audience attention that is characterised by short, mobile, and highly differentiated content preferences. They are up against, on average, 6 other screens as well as other digital distractions that compete for viewing time. Understandably, short form content has better chances to win! The challenge then is, how does one create short form content – afresh, or as a derivative of long form content.

AthenasOwl enables the creation of such derivative short form content, facilitating a “my content my way” benefit for content consumers. For example, a LeBron James fan might have to work late and miss the latest Cleveland game. With the “my content my way” capability, that person can log into an app that utilizes this short-form content technology and get highlights of the best LeBron James moments in the game. This tailored approach gives consumers the ability to tap into their favorite media (tv shows, sports games, etc.) with the complete freedom to choose and view only those portions of the media in which they are interested.


The ability to present this highly catered content to an audience is dependent upon the ability to break down content into “micro moments” and to define those moments via meta tags. Tagged “smart content” can be re-stitched together into relevant short-form content that tailors to each user’s viewing preferences.

AthenasOwl – with its cutting edge AI – does all of these things. Publishers can now allow an audience to make their own selections. Whether through an app, or other interfaces, users can make choices and view intelligent highlights aligned with their viewing preferences.

Tuning Into Consumers

This technology unlocks unlimited potential for advertisers and publishers to hook and maintain the attention of a target audience. This technology puts the control in their hands, to consume what they want, when they want it.


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