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Why Artificial Intelligence is a Game Changer for Advertisers

An investment in televised ad placement and event sponsorship has always been at least somewhat risky for brands. Take the Super Bowl as an example. With over 100 million live…

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Nab Show 2018

The Software 2.0 Revolution in Media – Insights from NAB Show New York 2018

Following the theme ‘Media in Action’, the NAB Show New York 2018 focused on discussing and promoting the best next-generation technology in the fields of television, film, and advertising, among others.

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AI-Powered Brand Rankings for FIFA World Cup’18

Understanding brand visibility: from ad placements to micro-moments Once every four years, the whole world finds itself glued in front of the TV, diligently following the rise and fall of…

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AI ‘Privacy Filter’ to block Facial recognition??

While there have been numerous concerns raised on how AI can be misused, innovations around blocking malicious AI are also being developed

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