Unlock Data-driven Insights into Audience Preferences

Analyse content performance to improve targeting and creation.


Gain Insight into Audience Preferences

Enables broadcasters to comprehend if their efforts in giving a direction to the show resonate positively with diverse target customer segments, or has a positive impact on viewership


Unlock Competitive Analysis

Get an in-depth comparative viewership analysis for your program or time slot against those of your competitors.

AI Workflows

Unlock valuable audience preferences and insights with this tailor-made workflow.


Viewership Analysis & Content Profiling

Access an integrated dashboard to map viewership data to content metadata generated via the platform

Explore Features
Create better targeting strategies for enhancing audience engagement with these custom features.

Character Recognition

Automated detection of characters within a video, based on unique facial features

Shot locale Detection

Automated detection of scene locations within a show.

Show Pace Detection

Automated detection of camera-cut rate to determine the pace of the show

Colour scheme Recognition

Automated detection of RGB colour scheme and luminence within digital video

Audio Profile Segmentation

Automated detection of acoustic events like speech, silence, noise within digital video to understand audio profile of the video

Scene Genre Identification

Identification of scene tracks and genres within the show

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