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Unleash the Hidden Potential Within Your Media Archives

Improve the content searchability of your archives by generating time-coded metadata across your assets.


Enable quick search and discovery

Perform searches at breakneck speeds at a granular level and enable quick content creation and improved monetization opportunities.


Increased time for creativity

Reduce manually-reliant video tagging tasks and metadata correction and free up valuable workforce bandwidth for creative tasks.


Maximize your ROI

Drive better ROI for existing content with smarter and faster searches for repackaging existing video content.

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AI Workflows

Enable deep searches within your media content archives and unlock new use cases with these tailor-made workflows


Video Logging for Sports

Generate granular time-coded metadata for all the visual aspects within your video content such as player faces, emotions, football pitch locales. Metadata can be generated for locales like benches, and the audience stands with varied camera shot-angles. A beauty shot or an aerial view can capture specific entities like yellow cards, red cards, or league trophies.


Hypertagging for General Entertainment

Unlock the hidden value within your media archive by generating second-level metadata for the visual aspects present in content such as character faces, emotions, age, gender, generic locales, camera shot-angles, frame color palette, generic entities, acoustic events like music, silence and more


Video Logging for News

Generate time-coded metadata for the visual aspects present in news content such as prominent personalities, anchors, and field reporters. Identify prominent dignitaries, production aspects, telecast formats, split-screens, logistics, and information such as story, sub-story, genres, and format.

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Generate granular content meta-tags at scale to enable powerful scene-level searches for broadcasters, media companies, sports organizations, and news companies

Character Recognition

Automated detection of characters within a video, based on unique facial features

Age-gender Detection

Automated detection of age and gender of characters within a video

Generic locale Detection

Automated detection of scene locations within digital video

Frame Colour Palette Detection

Automated detection of RGB color scheme and luminance within a video

Player Identification

Automated detection of individual players within a video based on facial features

Custom Camera Shot Angles Detection

Automated detection of sports-specific camera angles like beauty shots, and aerial views within a match

Identify Prominent Personalities

Automated detection of anchors, reporters, celebrities, and guests within news video based on facial features.

Camera Shot-Angles Detection

Automated detection of camera angles (close-up, medium, wide-angle) for each shot within a video to understand the shot composition of the video

Generic Entities Detection

Automated detection of objects within digital video

Acoustic Events Detection

Automated detection of acoustic events like speech, silence, and noise within a video to understand the audio profile of the video

Emotions Detection

Automated detection of players' emotions, spectators and others within a video to understand their sentiments at each moment in a game

Football pitch locales Detection

Football pitch locales Detection

Automated detection of pitch locations like benches, and audience stands within match videos

Custom Entities Detection

Automated detection of sports-specific entities such as yellow and red cards, and league trophies within a match

Club/Sponsor Logo Detection

Automated detection of the club, and sponsor logos within a match.

Split Screen Detection

Detection of single and split-screen views within the digital video

Graphics Assist

Detection of overlaid graphics within the digital video.

Locale Detection

Automated detection of in-studio/on-location settings within the digital news video

Story/Sub-Story Genres Identification

Detection of story tracks and genre within a digital news video.

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