Through AI, your football content can be a treasure trove of possibilities  

In this Playbook, discover how AI can empower and enable sports/football broadcasters to unlock the latent potential of their existing content archives by generating granular metadata.

Important features

  • Case study: How a European football league generated custom meta-tags for over 50 years of football content 
  •  How enriching content opens up possibilities for: 
    • Repurposing and repackaging content
    • Contextual ad placements
    • Brand visibility and tracking
    • Creating auto-highlights
  • How AI reduces manual tagging efforts

How do we make it work?

Traditional sports broadcasters require large teams of editing professionals to manually pore over hours of footage and create short-form content packages. As a result, editors end up spending a lot of time just finding relevant content pieces, which they could otherwise have spent in actual editing and generation of creative content. Even so, manually cataloging content at scale is time-consuming and near impossible.

Years of valuable footage, with rich metadata indexing, help editors and archive managers find content quickly and free them from the usual labyrinth of files that pile up. With consistent content tagging and cataloging, the team can also look up footage from football classics to create engaging content in real time.