The Broadcasters' Ultimate guide to AI-Assisted Production

Future-proof your post-production workflow to accelerate turnaround times and deliver higher volumes of quality content while tapping into newer revenue opportunities.

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Ultimate eGuide

AI-assisted automated workflows can:

  • Unlock content monetization opportunities by speeding content transformation and delivering it through multiple digital platforms in different formats
  • Improve operational efficiency by reducing manually-reliant content transformation and QC processes in the content supply chain
  • Accelerate turnarounds to increase speed to market for your content
  • Reduce the problem space through automated anomaly detection, enabling you to quickly fix any glitches and ensure adherence to IMF/OTT standards
  • Enhance resource flexibility and make workflow expenditures more controllable by paying only for the assets processed, devoid of committed costs
  • Create personalized user experiences, resulting in better viewer experience

We’ve developed this guide to help you get started on your AI journey. Within you’ll find:

  • Details on how your current processes can be streamlined and optimized with AI
  • A worksheet to calculate your AI post-production efficiency
  • The types of AI-assisted solutions available and what they can do for you
  • How to get started

An Auto AI platform augments your current workflow by dynamically training a base model to make decisions that are currently done manually.


The production team spends a lot of time and effort to manually identify problem areas before making the creative edits; fewer files are edited in the process.


AthenasOwl Smart Workflows automates the redundant tasks that make up 80% of total effort, thereby releasing existing workforce for editing up to 5x more files.

AI can make your life better.

To stay competitive, as a post-production team you’re given increasingly large workloads and expected to deliver in shorter time frames. Manual, and even automated workflows, are not enough. Under these constraints, teams are missing opportunities to maximize new revenue streams and best utilize their resources.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be the key to saving time and resources. Instead of wasting creative resources on manually reliant tasks or missing deadlines, your team can leverage AI to improve core strategies in your post-production workflow. The power of AI comes from an unprecedented ability to automate. Your post-production teams are already generating valuable data in the form of edit logs, which are likely not being leveraged currently. Instead of continuing the same manual process every day, AI systems can be trained with this data to automate the workflow. This provides an ability to adapt to changing demands in media production faster speed to market accelerated readiness for OTT and international distribution.

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